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Karica has been a permanent, temporary and executive staffing solutions provider since 2007. Our firm has one goal – to create productive, timely and meaningful relationships between employers and employees. We focus on win-win partnerships, achieved by deep listening to our clients and candidates.

We offer Permanent, Temporary and Executive Staffing solutions to a variety of industries. Browse our client page to discover the companies we support in your space. Get in touch with us by phone or email to discuss your next great hire.

Candidate Sourcing

We use our deep research and networking capabilities to deliver qualified candidates on-time and on-budget

Our Interview

We meet all of our candidates to better understand your requirements and to assess fit with your team

Your Interview

Our candidates are interview-ready - they understand the company, goals and team dynamics

Highly Referred

We maintain a current database/network of qualified industry professionals. We are able to provide our clients with an outstanding service experience, using techniques that consistently work. Our services are also backed by our guarantee policy. We offer reliable candidates, continual updates, with a determined effort to leave customers satisfied.


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